Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Alameda County Spin….

The question is how low past or present Alameda County Politicians will go to avoid responsibility for their actions? The answer; there is no limit!

As is the case with a majority of scandalous disclosures associated with past or present politicians, there is the spin and blame game, deflection, denial, transference, projection….and as of recently….the brain tumor defense. Well, many thought Ms. Hayashi’s transference of responsibility was sick (pun intended)…not so quick! Bob Knox and his daughter (Kathleen Knox) appear to be taking the bar another step lower.

It has come to The Back Story’s attention via a respected Alameda County Political Blogger that Mr. Knox and his daughter are attempting to spin and blame their personal back-story, as written about here, on another family member.

As we researched what appears to be another far reaching attempt at transference in Alameda County, we could find no evidence the family member Mr. Knox or Ms. Knox were attempting to blame had a single role in any of the companies owned by either Bob Knox or Kathleen Knox that were mentioned in earlier installments.

The family member in question did not want to be identified or comment publicly due to concerns of retaliation and harassment. After review of an email written by Bob Knox to this particular family member, the concerns of retaliation were clearly merited.

In addition, this family member was also the subject of an anonymous death threat and harassing emails, which are very disturbing in their content. The timing and content of these anonymous communications does not appear to be coincidental.

It should also be noted that as reported earlier in The Back Story, Nadia Lockyer’s Chief of Staff seemed strangely focused on those whom were involved with The Back Story, and not on answering questions relating to Nadia’s and Bill Lockyer’s connection to Bob Knox. This would appear to further support the concerns of retaliation.

We would enjoy hearing Bob Knox’s and/or Kathleen Knox’s explanation. The Blog is open to public comment, and has been from day one.

As we dug deeper and looked back at Bill Lockyer’s history, if there is one thing Mr. Lockyer has a reputation for, is his ability to encourage his cronies to take on the pit bull role of the political battlegrounds.

We do wonder if Bill Lockyer is fully aware of what his cronies, (pit bulls) might be doing….on the other hand; he probably does not want to know….planned deniability is a valuable political asset.